What new functions does the B2B offer?

We have completely streamlined our B2B to enhance your experience at every level. Key features include; improved browsing, easier access to new releases, quicker access to products, new brand directory, downloading images, creating lists and many more.

What is the benefit of registering for an account?

On registering for an on-line account you will have enhanced functions including the ability to set your product and genre preferences to improve your browsing experience, create lists, save products you order regularly and submit order requests direct to you sales contact and download hi-res images in bulk.

What is the benefit of using lists?

Creating lists can save you time, this function enables you to download images in bulk from a list, keep a record of your orders or submit order requests directly to your sales contact.

How do I create a list?

Once you are signed in you can add individual items or whole collections (or search results) into a list. To add individual items just click the tick box under each image or if you have already clicked on the product you will see the ‘Add to list’ button. To add as whole collection (or search results) click ‘Select all‘ which will tick all items, then click ‘Add items to list’ at the top of the page. You can create a new list or add items to an existing list and name them as you wish.

How do I download a single image?

Simply select the individual product for which you require the image, click the ‘Get image’ button, from this point you can save the image to your chosen location.

How do I down load images in bulk?

You can use the ‘List’ function to download images in bulk. Firstly select the products you require images for, then add the selection to a new list. Once the list has been created you can ‘View List’ then ‘Download Images’, you will then be send a zip file of your selected images.

What is the resolution of the images available?

All our images are 72dpi

What does the ‘select all’ button do?

The ‘Select all’ button at the top of any product related page will allow you to select all the products in that collection (or your search results) to add to a list or download images.

How do I increase/decrease the size and quantity of images I see on a page?

You can change the amount of images you see on a page by selecting from the different options at the top of the collection products. The default setting shows 3 images per line, however if you wish to see more images this can be increased to 4 per line or for even more images you can choose the list option. You can change these by using the icons situated to the left of the ‘Select all’ button.

Can I organise my search results?

You have the options to sort products in a number of ways; alphabetically, by date, by popularity or by using your pre-registered preferences. Simply use the drop down menu at the top of the product page.

How do I change my account details?

Once you are signed in simply click ‘My Account’ at the very top of the page to be able to change your contact details or preferences by using the menu on the left of the page.

What if I forget my password?

Simply go to the log in page and click ‘forgotten password?’, enter your email address and receive an email with all the details you will need.