How do I set up an account?

We ask for an account to be set up before we can place any orders – this is required whether you are paying prior to delivery or if you require a credit account-so if you fill the account application form in and send it back to us, we will set the account up and you will be ready to place an order. Alternatively, if you would like to get the ball rolling a little sooner, we can email an application form to you.

Will I be given a credit account?

We cannot guarantee credit will be agreed for your account. We will credit check every company that applies for an account with us, which will determine if credit can be offered or not. If this is not possible, the account will run on a pro forma basis (payment before delivery). This can be reviewed after 6 months at your request.

Will I be assigned an account manager or agent?

Once your account is set up, you will be assigned an account manager to answer any queries you may have and keep you up to date with new titles and products. If you would like to have one of our Sales Agents come and visit you on a regular basis that can be arranged too.

How often do the agents visit?

Depending on your requirements, we can arrange for an agent to visit you every 2-4 weeks.

What are your terms?

GB eye sell their posters on a Sale or Exchange basis – providing you have a GB eye supplied automat (poster rack) in store. Otherwise, posters are supplied on Firm sale.

What is the price and minimum order quantities ofr all formats?

Please refer to the price guide for the price and minimum order quantities of all formats

Can you offer me a cheaper price to the standard opening offer?

GB eye is able to offer discounts to chain store customers or customers wishing to buy regularly in bulk quantities. Prices are negotiable upon request.

Is VAT included?

VAT is additional to any of the prices you see listed here.

How do I place an order?

To place an order, please contact your account handler or send to Orders can be placed via email, fax or phone (If you have a GB eye poster rack, we will have your current stock-plan held on our database, therefore if you send us a stock check, we can automatically send you out the correct stock for your store.)

How do I qualify for free delivery/How much is a carriage paid order?

Any order over £150 (excl. VAT) will qualify for free delivery within the UK, which roughly equates to 75 posters. If your order is for less than this amount, a carriage charge of £10 will be levied.

Do you apply carriage charges to Republic of Ireland?

For orders under £200, a carriage charge of £20 will be levied.

Will I receive display equipment with my order?

Providing the rack is stocked entirely with GB eye’s poster product, all display equipment is FREE ON LOAN when taken FULLY STOCKED on initial order.

What size are the racks?

Please go to our display equipment page – all dimensions are listed there.

Can I have a mixture of titles in a small FSDU?

Normally we run promotions based around film, album or TV activity. Depending on the titles required in the mix, some variations are permissible. Please speak to your account manager for further details.

What finish will my products have?

Our posters can be sent rolled, flat or pre-framed. Our prints can be supplied shrink-wrapped or unwrapped. Please let us know which finish you require when placing your order.

Can I order frames for my posters?

We can supply your posters pre-framed or you can buy frames separately from us. These are available in 5 colour variations – black, silver, oak, beech and white. We ask for frames to be ordered in multiples of 6 per size. However, you can choose different colours within this quantity

Can you provide me with packaging to send products to my customers in?

We can offer packaging in a variety of sizes for various formats. Prices and sizes are available upon request

How long will delivery take?

We aim to deliver replenishment orders within 3-4 working days*. When ordering new display equipment such as a rack, we ask to allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.(*this can vary with large orders and in very busy periods.)

Where can I see your latest releases?

These are updated on the new releases section of the website and you can be updated on a weekly basis via email. Just contact your account manager to be added to our mailing list.

How many new releases can I expect per week?

GB eye release between 3-10 new titles every week – in many different sized formats

How do I receive a credit?

Stock that is sold on a firm sale basis will only be credited if it is damaged in transit or sent incorrectly and must be reported within 4 days of receipt of goods. Our sales agents can issue credits whilst in your store. If you do not receive a visit from a sales agent, we can deal with your credits over the telephone. Please call the UK Sales department on 0114 276 7454

Are your posters licensed or copyrighted?

GB eye products are fully licensed for the UK.

If there is anything that is not covered above, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0114 276 7454 or