Our Products

GB promo supply Posters in five standard sizes or bespoke sizes for your exact promotional requirements.

GB Promo Posters can be flat, rolled, bagged, folded, framed, or packed with other products as part of a set. Posters can also include special finishes such as foil or gloss.

GB promo is pleased to offer a range of smaller merchandise, perfect for many promotional projects, including Tattoo Packs, Badge Packs, Loose Badges, Individually Carded Badges, Sticker Label Packs and special finish stickers such as Glitter and Holographic.

Smaller Merchandise items are perfect for Cover-Mounts, Gifts with Purchase, Giveaways and as part of a Party Bag for children or adults!

3D Posters
GB promo is excited to offer a fantastic range of 3D Posters in two standard sizes, and a range of other sizes for a variety of uses.

3D Posters and images can be supplied *Flat, *Shrink-wrapped, *Bagged, or in a unique format for your promotion, such as this fantastic Cake-Topper!

GB promo also supply high quality Prints in four standard sizes or bespoke sizes for something more exclusive! GB promo can provide prints Flat, Bagged, Folded, Shrink-wrapped to board, Framed, or Packed with other products to make a unique gift pack.

Frames & Framed Photographs & High Quality Canvas
GB Promo can also help with Framing solutions, High Quality Canvas and Digital Photographic prints via GB eye’s in-house Printing and Manufacturing Departments.